The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism

“But one of the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s. Across the world, women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic,” argues reporter Helen Lewis from The Atlantic.

Commentary Issue 6

Another Social Media Is Possible: A Feminist One

“Facebook is not a space for much disagreement, I think the criteria ruling many groups on social media somehow follows the motto ‘show you are happy or go away'”, I once wrote, says media expert Flavia Fascendini.

Australia’s Fight for Marriage Equality

“The postal survey whilst ridiculously fragile and non-binding, provided an opportunity for change, which the community embraced wonderfully”, affirms Rachel Aitken, an LGBTQIA activist studying in Sydney.

Women War Reporters: A Rare Breed

“As a woman, a mother, and someone with a pre-war perspective, I could go where men could not, as well as tell stories most were not interested in telling.”

Airport Lawyering

“As an immigration lawyer and a person who has devoted her professional life to serving the public interest, I could not remain idle.”

Commentary Issue 5 (October 2016) Women and Health

My Country After Trump’s Election

The fear and despair that my closest friends felt after the 2016 presidential election didn’t hit me right away. I hugged my colleagues and friends tight throughout the day on November 9.

Commentary Issue 4 (June 2016) “Women and Migration”

Commentary Issue 3 (March 2016) ‘Women and Environment”

My Un-gendered world

The courageous voice of a young woman as she shares her vision – through a poem – of an un-gendered world and what would that look like.

Commentary Issue 2 (November 2015) “Gender-Based Violence”

Commentary Issue 1 (August 2015) “Global Challenges to Women’s Rights”

The Need for More to Combat Campus Rape

Brought to national attention recently through the efforts of activists and legislative initiatives, this topic has become increasingly complex as colleges and the country at large react to the phenomenon. In many ways, an article that was meant to legitimize anti-rape activism ultimately had the opposite effect.

Hard-Won Gains by Afghan Women Are at Serious Risk

Afghan women have made enormous progress since the overthrow of the fundamentalist Taliban regime almost fourteen years ago. However, as domestic and international priorities have changed, and without sustained pressure and continued financial support from the international community, these hard-won gains are at serious risk of being reversed.

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