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Welcome to the fifth issue of Women Across Frontiers, which we devote to a critical issue of public policy: Women and Health.

Health is a fundamental human right. Yet, around the world, a person’s sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, race, ethnicity, age, income as well as socio-cultural norms determine her or his ability to access health care. [read more]


The Stigma of Breastfeeding in France

French women just aren’t that into breastfeeding. Studies make French women rank among the least likely to breastfeed in Europe.


Five Questions to Carmen Perez, Co-Chair of the Women's March on Washington

“This is a movement. And my work does not end here. It’s just beginning”, says Carmen Perez.


The Importance of Physical Activity for Women in the Arab World

Physical inactivity, a major risk factor for poor health and chronic disease, is becoming increasingly prevalent in high-income Arab countries – and its consequences fall particularly heavily on women.


Defending Reproductive Rights: The Case of Uruguay

As the United States prepares for the forthcoming assault on reproductive rights by the Trump administration, it can learn a lot from the recent gain in Uruguay.


The Ark Foundation: A Society in Which the Vulnerable Are Not Forsaken

In Ghana, only two out of every 100 people suffering from a mental illness have access to the support and care they need.


Websites and Apps Are Changing the Way Women Obtain Birth Control

Through various apps and websites, women are now able to fill their prescriptions via a few simple clicks of the mouse or taps on their smartphones.

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