Issue 3: March 2016

Letter from Editors

Dear Readers,

Happy Women’s History Month! Welcome to the third issue of Women Across Frontiers, which we devote to the critical topic of “Women and the Environment.” Climate change affects everyone. Yet women, particularly poor women in low income countries, are significantly more severely affected by climate change, environmental degradation, and natural disasters, than men. [Read more]



The Fight Against Mining in Peru

Mining’s negative effects are felt by all members of the surrounding communities, but it is women who face the greatest social, economic, and physical impacts.


Book Review: Unfinished Business

In her new book, Anne-Marie Slaughter not only enumerates the tensions that women face between their personal and professional lives, but also maps out a path for change.

Theater Review: Key Change

The play Key Change tells the story of some of the most marginalized women in the United Kingdom: prison inmates.


My Un-gendered world

The courageous voice of a young woman as she shares her vision – through a poem – of an un-gendered world and what would that look like.



Reflections: Poems by a Pakistani Teen Poetess

Reflections by Iqra Rehman. This anthology has poems from her amateur years as a teenage poetess who had it as a medium of expression for the classes she didn’t enjoy and some social norms she couldn’t bring herself to adhere to.

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