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Women Across Frontiers is introducing a new series, Woman of the Month. Each month, WAF will highlight and acknowledge inspiring women whose work is making a real and immediate difference in advancing the rights of women and girls, often at great personal cost.

WAF names Hatoon al-Fassi, a pioneering Saudi academic, writer, and women’s rights campaigner, as the inaugural Woman of the Month. Al-Fassi has led several movements in her country that sought to win full participation for women in Saudi society. She was arrested in June 2018 as part of a crackdown on women’s rights activists, and she has been imprisoned ever since.

We also spotlight the work of Paulina, a head teacher in Chimborazo, Ecuador, who is implementing an innovative way to teach students about sex in a country where until 2017 abstinence was promoted in the schools’ sex education programs.

From our Listen, Ladies podcast, meet the “FBI” of the National Park Lands. Beth Shott–an investigator responsible for protecting national park lands and investigating and prosecuting crimes that occur on those lands–talks about her work and her unique path into law enforcement.

From Ethiopia, watch the video documentary of 13-year-old Yekaba, who stopped her marriage to a man aged 20 when she was just 12.

From our urban feminism series, read in English and Spanish how the city of Monterrey, Mexico, is in the process of designing a women-friendly city.


Karina, Sylvia and the WAF team


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