Women Across Frontiers is proud to introduce its new podcast, Listen, Ladies, launched in April 2017. You can listen to our episodes and read extracts of the interviews here!

Listen, Ladies is a podcast by ladies, for ladies (and gentlemen) featuring interviews with experts and innovators in a broad range of fields internationally. The podcast highlight current events and issues, breakthroughs in the arts and academic communities, as well as women making an extraordinary impact in their fields. Hosted by journalist and international relations scholar Maryalice Aymong, Listen, Ladies is a division of Women Across Frontiers, a global digital non-profit publication which seeks to raise awareness of women’s rights issues and other topics that are relevant to women’s careers and lifestyles.

The inaugural episode of Listen, Ladies focused on women in male-dominated spaces, and shined a light on three industries in particular: film, restaurants, and trucking. Three inspiring women who ignored or confronted stereotypes head-on to pursue their passion  share their stories and advice. It included director and producer Stacy Title whose film ‘The Bye Bye Man’ recently hit theatres. Women make up 49% of Horror audiences (compared to 47% of all movies), yet the the number of women horror filmmakers is far from representative of that audience. Ms. Title take us through her journey to the director’s chair, and share what it’s like to be part of her small but powerful minority.

The Women Across Frontiers team is proud to add this new edition to its illuminating coverage and looks forward to welcoming new readers and listeners as Listen, Ladies continues to hit the airwavesEpisodes are available on Itunes.

For more information on Listen, Ladies, send an email to the Listen, Ladies or Women Across Frontiers teams:

EMAIL: ListenLadiesPod@wafmag.org / info@wafmag.org

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Maryalice Aymong 

Has worked as a TV producer for nationwide broadcasts. In addition to her career in journalism, Maryalice is also pursuing a master’s degree in Global Affairs at New York University. Her interests span a variety of aspects of international relations including national security, U.S. foreign policy, and gender studies. Maryalice is committed to spreading awareness of issues relevant to women across the world and in a variety of fields. In her spare time, Maryalice loves continuing her long-held passion for ballet classes, and also trying new restaurants, wine bars, and bakeries.


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