Mighty Aphrodite

Since the day when the first boat full of refugees landed on the shore in front of the Aphrodite Hotel on the Greek island of Lesvos over a year ago, Aphrodite Vati Mariola and her family have been immersed in the refugee crisis.

Profiles Issue 3 (March 2016)

Ruth Colian

Founder of first Haredi Women’s Party, U’Bezchutan

Lihi Lapid

Bestselling author; Journalist; Speaker on women’s issues

Anat Thon

Lawyer for Social Justice; Coordinator of the Israel 1325 Project; Program Director at Itach-Maaki

Racheli Ibenboim

Co-Founder of the First Hasidic Feminist Organization; Agent of Social Change

Rabbi Kinneret Shiryon

Feminist Spiritual Innovator; Community Leader; First Female Congregational Rabbi in Israel

Pnina Tamano

Former Knesset Member for Yesh Atid; First Ethiopian-Israeli TV Presenter; Lawyer

Linor Abargil

Advocate Against Sexual Violence; Lawyer; Beauty Queen; Rape Survivor

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