“Ask For Jane”: Women Helping Women

“Ask For Jane” is based on the true story of a group of Chicago women who helped more than 11,000 others get safe abortions in the years just before Roe v. Wade. As shown in the film, it started with informal networking—the passing around from woman to woman of a phone number for an abortion doctor.

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Reviews from Issue 5

“Let’s go, Supergirl!”

When Jessie Auritt, a documentary filmmaker, heard about Naomi Kutin, an Orthodox Jewish girl from New Jersey who broke a world record in powerlifting at age nine, she was immediately interested.

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Reviews from Issue 4 (June 2016)

Film Review: Dreamcatcher

Director Kim Longinotto tells the story of Brenda Myers-Powell, a former prostitute, who has dedicated her life to helping other women escape the cycle of abuse in the sex industry.

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Reviews from Issue 3 (March 2016)

Book Review: Unfinished Business

In her new book, Anne-Marie Slaughter not only enumerates the tensions that women face between their personal and professional lives, but also maps out a path for change.

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Reviews from Issue 2 (November 2015)

Changing the World, one Film at a Time

        By Joanne Pilgrim A worldwide youth video festival and contest is helping to provide a voice to girls and young women whose films act not only as creative expressions of their own realities and the oftentimes critical issues that they face, but also as...

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Book Review: M Train

My first revelatory encounter with Patti Smith was listening on the radio in the fall of 1975 around the time of the release of her debut album Horses.

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Film Review: Dukhtar (Daughter)

Afia Nathaniel’s directorial debut film, Dukhtar—a word that means daughter in Urdu—is fundamentally about women. It is a story about courage and strength, and about the bond between mothers and daughters.

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Reviews from Issue 1 (August 2015)

A Foreigner And One Of Us

The idea for the book began with a television program. Throughout 2006 and 2007, journalists Julián Martín (known as Juliqui) and Susana Falcón interviewed several women who had participated in the famed uprisings in the Spanish town of Marinaleda in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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A Tale of Two British Women

American singer-songwriter Aimee Mann once told me during an interview how male executives from major record labels always gave her problems when she wanted to use cover art for albums that did not objectify herself.

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