Listen, Ladies is a podcast by ladies, for ladies (and gentlemen) featuring interviews with experts and innovators in a broad range of fields internationally. The podcast highlight current events and issues, breakthroughs in the arts and academic communities, as well as women making an extraordinary impact in their fields.

The podcast is hosted by journalist and international relations scholar Maryalice Aymong.

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Esther Beard is a community organizer and joins the podcast to discuss her role in helping people learn how they can bring about real and meaningful change in their own communities.

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“We tell women refugees that this is not some kind of business or a company that is hiring a worker; rather, it’s an educational program. Once you learn, if you are ok and if you want us to, we will find a market for your items.”

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Meet The “FBI” Of the National Parks Lands

“The rangers are the 911 responders: they patrol the lands but when it comes to something that needs a little more in-depth investigation, the rangers usually do not have the capacity to do it, so that is where the special agents of the National Park Service come in,” explains Shott.

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Saudi Women Get Behind the Wheel

“Most of the women I’ve spoken to have said essentially, “Oh, well, it’s nice to have the option, but I’m certainly not going to let my driver go anytime soon'”, says author Katherine Zoepf.

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